Tuesday, October 07, 2008


HonestReporting have been even more underwhelming than usual. The latest collection of limp offerings is testament to the absence of any real ‘anti-Israel media bias’.

On August 26 some obscure Canadian TV station ran a story about the on-going protests over the Seperation Wall. They mistakenly reported that 11 were killed, rather than injured. A scrolling caption was used to correct the error. This was “dismal” according to HR. Maybe a minutes nation-wide silence would have been appropriate?

Sadly, they followed this up on Sept 4 with a re-hash of that story, titled, “Just Not Good Enough”. Yawns all round.

Next, the dastardly Sky News used a file photo. Oh, the evil!

Then a really bizarre bit of self-indulgence – “HR Rejects Iranian Press TV Request” with the wonderfully pompous sub-headline – “No to cooperating with an Iranian propaganda tool.” Insight - zero.
I’m sure they were strutting around the office with their chests puffed out for a week after that.

And finally a pot-shot at a regular target, Johann Hari – “More Smears by Hari”.

Unlike the rubbish pedaled by HR, it’s a thoughtful piece, even though I’m not at all convinced by the ‘last chance’ argument.

In short – you’ve missed nothing.