Monday, October 27, 2008

October 23 Media Critique: ” A Stabbing in Gilo”

This version of outrage is about the worlds media having the temerity to mention a simple fact – that Gilo in southern Jerusalem is an illegal settlement. Gilo is situated in East Jerusalem captured by Israel in the 1967 war and annexed to Israel in 1993. No country recognizes the legal validity of this annexation.

Not that such pesky facts stop HR from engaging in some bizarre contortions.

Gilo, despite being over the 1967 Green Line, is certainly not a "settlement," in the most used sense of the word…..

Yeah, it’s that less used sense of the word, the one where a settlement isn’t a settlement.

Naturally, that’s not all.


Hold onto your hats, this is a HR special.

HonestReporting has regularly criticized much of the media for referring to Palestinian terrorists who target innocent civilians through suicide bombings or other acts of violence as "militants."

This is obsession No.1 at HR. They are very paticular that the media should always use the term ‘terrorist’.

They’ve even quoted US law in the past to argue their point,

The term "terrorism" means premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against noncombatant targets by subnational groups or clandestine agents, usually intended to influence an audience.

But now,

The Economist features the criminal and violent activities of some young Israeli settler extremists, referring to them as "Jewish settler-militants" and a "militant hardcore group."

HR is most upset.

Is The Economist unable to distinguish between young hooligans and real bona fide terrorists thus creating a false equivalence?

The Economist, being consistent, refers to them as militants.

And very interestingly HR,

call on the media to practice greater precision in their terminology and to use the word "terrorist" where appropriate.

What a fine idea. And going back to the definition HR were so keen on in the past, what should we call groups of Israeli settlers who, yet again this year like every year before, engage in premeditated acts of violence against Palestinian civilians to push their political message?

I agree with HR! The Economist should have called them ‘Jewish settler-terrorists’.

One of the mis-understood “young hooligan” settlers wanting to go and have a nice chat with the Palestinian farmers.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


HonestReporting have been even more underwhelming than usual. The latest collection of limp offerings is testament to the absence of any real ‘anti-Israel media bias’.

On August 26 some obscure Canadian TV station ran a story about the on-going protests over the Seperation Wall. They mistakenly reported that 11 were killed, rather than injured. A scrolling caption was used to correct the error. This was “dismal” according to HR. Maybe a minutes nation-wide silence would have been appropriate?

Sadly, they followed this up on Sept 4 with a re-hash of that story, titled, “Just Not Good Enough”. Yawns all round.

Next, the dastardly Sky News used a file photo. Oh, the evil!

Then a really bizarre bit of self-indulgence – “HR Rejects Iranian Press TV Request” with the wonderfully pompous sub-headline – “No to cooperating with an Iranian propaganda tool.” Insight - zero.
I’m sure they were strutting around the office with their chests puffed out for a week after that.

And finally a pot-shot at a regular target, Johann Hari – “More Smears by Hari”.

Unlike the rubbish pedaled by HR, it’s a thoughtful piece, even though I’m not at all convinced by the ‘last chance’ argument.

In short – you’ve missed nothing.