Monday, August 18, 2008

August 13 Media Critique: “The Guardian: Promoting Online Terror”

Yes, “promoting”, no less. Though I think they meant ‘promoting terror online’., unless HonestReporting think that this website will lead to bombs exploding on the internet.

Become a Hamas terrorist today with The Guardian!

Sadly, the truth is far less interesting.

The Guardian, here, includes a link (WARNING! : the following link may cause your promotion to the status of terrorist) to here.

This is commonly known as ‘information’, a strange concept much encountered in ‘news’. Go figure.

HR are mortified,

We have not linked to this site (pictured below) as we do not wish to generate traffic to a terrorist organization.

But they did provide this link to The Guardian’s page where the Hamas link is. Of course, you know what everybody reading the HR report did after clicking on The Guardian link, don’t you?

HR – promoting terror, by proxy, online!!