Sunday, May 13, 2007

May 13 Media Critique: "New Horror Footage: From Mickey Mouse to Mother's Suicide Mission"

HR are determined to demonstrate why no one should take them seriously.

Most people would have heard of the Hamas ‘Mickey Mouse’ story, given the extensive international coverage it’s received. But HR, faithfully adhering to the old adage of when-you’re-on-a-good-thing-stick-to-it, are demanding to know why,

the media ignore another equally abhorrent video, which is still running on Hamas TV?

And that’s it, that’s the “media critique” – why doesn’t the media spend more time covering the specific story we want to see covered? Has the general issue of incitement on Palestinian TV not been covered? Obviously not to HRs satisfaction.

To top it off, HR then offer some “recommended readingon the issue of media bias, explaining that,

the media is guilty of highlighting individual and sensationalist stories, such as the Hamas Mickey Mouse, while neglecting the bigger picture….
And this just after they’ve hysterically demanded to know why the media “turns a blind eye” to another “individual and sensationalist story”! HR, the unintentional comedians.

The sight of a stridently partisan group like HonestReporting, flinging around accusations of bias never fails to amuse.

HR gave a master class in objectivity and concern for children in 2002 when Amnesty International released their report on child deaths “Killing the Future: Children in the Line of Fire”.
Others have dealt with the general issues of the huge number of Palestinian children killed by the IDF in this conflict
. But what is interesting from the bias perspective is that HonestReporting were at pains to ensure that, in the interests of protecting children, that the IDF version was presented,

The Palestinian terrorists are solely and unequivocally responsible for the injuries caused to Palestinian children.

So there.


Thanks Russ for this tip.

Seems that MEMRI has been indulging in a little creative translating (otherwise known as fabrication) to make the Hamas 'Mickey Mouse" story a bit more useful for their purposes.

Am I surprised? Not a bit.

Update 2:

Thanks to Facts On The Ground, for this very clear summary of MEMRI's.....err....issues.