Monday, February 12, 2007

Feb 11Media Critique: "Temple Mount Truths"

Here’s an interesting ‘Media Critique’ from HonestReporting.

By now, you know HonestReportings M.O. – link to an article, with an excerpt from it that is either misleading, or just plain wrong. Not this time. Not a single quote or link, except a few articles from the Jerusalem Post and Ha’Aretz which don’t back up HRs claims. Maybe HR are learning that anyone with a scintilla of initiative or independent thought can just read the link and see HR’s dishonesty.

Onto the allegations;

inciteful language and libelous claims have led to violence, aided by a mainstream media only too happy to accept Arab propaganda at face value.
Examples? Zero.

Despite the fact that the Temple Mount is Judaism's holiest site, much of the media has stressed its importance to Muslims (the third holiest behind Mecca and Median) while ignoring or downplaying the very legitimate Jewish religious and historical connection to the site,…..
Examples? Zero.

While the international media has been too intellectually lazy to find out for themselves whether or not the Muslim intimidation and violence has any justification behind it or not…
Oh dear. Would “Muslim intimidation and violence” mean ‘protests’ by any chance? I think basic journalistic standards would dictate having to investigate any issue of “intimidation”, rather than just accepting it as a fact, as HR does.

Why has the media accepted the propaganda and lies disseminated by certain groups with a political axe to grind?
Examples? Zero.

You would think that the usual suspects, those vile anti-Semitic media organizations AKA the BBC and The Guardian, would be able to provide at least one example for HR. I had a quick look at todays efforts by these two bastions of ‘anti-Israel media bias’, (here and here) and couldn’t find a single example of “accept[ing] Arab propaganda” or “libelous claims”.

This is just HR, once again, deliberately conflating reporting with endorsing. An old favourite.

I guess it’s business as usual at HR. Can’t find any ‘anti-Israel media bias’? No problem, just invent some.