Thursday, January 04, 2007

January 2 Media Critique: "Latest Reuters Photo Gaffe"

Everytime I think that HonestReporting can’t sink any lower, they prove me wrong.

This time HR scream long and loud that, despite all their protestations, there really is no "anti-Israeli media bais".

Naturally they don’t say it in those exact words, but by the targets they choose. Again it’s Reuters (when you’re on a good thing stick to it). And the issue – Reuters promotional 2007 calendar. Really, I’m not kidding. The precise problem – it shows a photo of a Palestinian. It seems now that the Palestinian untermesnch may not even be mentioned.

The 21st C. Stalinists are on the march.

What is the problem with having a photo of a Palestinian in a Reuters Calendar?,

The calendar, however, consists entirely of images and captions depicting positivity, achievement or culture. Only the above image and caption displays any militaristic or negative subject matter.

Er no…it shows only photos. One of the criteria being it should be of events in the past year, and being a photographic calendar, the photos must be exceptional. There’s a few of the others I’d question, but this one is a beauty in terms of photography – tightly cropped, stunning colour, well composed, contrasting vividly with the subject matter.

This is it,

It’s a no-brainer. Except at HR, where it,

demonstrates a subtle yet insidious and institutionalized form of bias…….a glaring error

How so? They don’t explain. Perhaps they can’t explain it, not even to themselves. They just feel it’s wrong, probably because they are fanatical bigots who let their hatred of Palestinians affect their views on everything - even calenders.