Saturday, July 22, 2006


Honest Reporting; This self-described media monitor labours mightily to expose the vast and unrelenting phenomenon of anti-Israeli bias in the media.

Honest Reporting claims that it demands “factual, impartial and fair reporting” and holds reporters and media organizations accountable against this noble sentiment. However, as we shall demonstrate, Honest Reporting hasn’t the slightest interest in any of these things. Its’ ‘Mission Statement’ tells us what it is really about – “to advocate for Israel”. Media bias is just a convenient vehicle to push their own pro-Israel no-matter-what advocacy. Their aim is to deluge reporters and media organizations with complaint emails when their news coverage doesn’t approach the demanded level of obsequiousness towards Israeli actions, or worse still, represents Palestinians as people with their own story to tell.

While one would think that any group with the audacity to call itself ‘Honest Reporting’ would be rather scrupulous regarding facts, Honest Reporting is anything but, regularly displaying a highly flexible approach to objective reality. Honest Reporting regularly misrepresents, misconstrues, or just plain gets it wrong (sometimes less generously called lying) in it’s so-called ‘Media Critiques’.

Which is a why a blog devoted to Honest Reporting can go by no other name than Dishonest Reporting ………………