Wednesday, July 11, 2007

July 6 Media Critique: "Barghouti is no Mandela"

The relentless anti-Israel media bias conspiracy is a little slow at the moment, so HonestReporting need to borrow from HR-Canada for this weeks dose of stupidity.

A Toronto Star article simply puts forth the fact that some consider Barghouti the “Palestinian Mandela”, and also the fact that some don’t.

Another example of how HRs' perspective is distorted by its’ strident pro-Israel partisanship (ie. bias). An article that simply reports the fact of the existence of particular views about Marwan Barghouti and notes a few specific similarities is attacked as if it has endorsed the view that Barghouti is exactly like Mandela. Yet further proof of the intolerance of differing opinions that is the underlying motivator for all of HonestReportings’ mendacious and mean-spirited rubbish.